V olunteer Oppotunities

Aim of our Program

Voluntering Program is a service/learning program that provides volunteers with the opportunity to work with Leevin health care, educational and economic development programs. Participants will experience a wide variety of service activities, educational opportunities and participatory events designed to promote cultural awareness and a better understanding of the discrimination faced by the poor in rural India. Leevin strives to develop sustainable income for the organization and the participating poor communities it serves, by sharing our culture, traditions, natural resources and vision with our visitors. Leevin provides a great opportunity to experience the ground realities of the poor people. We have a great team in India to guide you in every way to make your travel very safe and productive.

A small step can make a big difference

Every one can help change the world for better, one step at a time. No matter how much - or how little - time you have to give, your volunteered time can make a difference. Leevin can help you find the right volunteer opportunity for both your heart and your schedule. As a volunteer, you can make a difference in their lives through your generosity and sacrifice. As a volunteer, you give and get, learn and teach and live and practise. In the past, we had volunteers from the USA who made deep impact in the lives of our people. They involved in teaching in our schools, helping in our clinics, building home for our widows. Leevin provides opportunities to live with the people and to know their culture and tradition on personal level.