S ponsorship Program
Most of the adults in our villages have no more than a sixth grade education. We are working hard to ensure that all poor children finish high school, and have the opportunity for further studies. Most of our students are the children of day laborers. Their parents work in the rice paddies and sugar cane fields for about four months each year. The annual income for a family of five in our villages is about $150. They live in mud huts with thatched roofs and dirt floors. There is no indoor plumbing and limited electricity. Their diet is primarily rice. Only rarely do they eat vegetables, fruit or meat. Almost half of our students have lost one or more parents. They are the first members of their families to attend secondary school; the first who can read and write more than their names. In addition to dealing with extreme poverty, these students also face serious discrimination from a society that tells them that regardless of their efforts in the classroom or the workplace, because they are dalits, they will never be the equal of their non-dalit friends. Today, Leevin provides over 30 students a year with the opportunity to obtain a quality education through scholarship and educational incentives.
You can do something Life Changing

Educate A poor child

Your gift will provide a poor child with the opportunity to receive a quality education. These children will be the first members of their family to attend secondary school;the first who can read and write more than their own names. Your generous gift of $10 per month will provide room and board and tuition for a child for one month.



Donate a cow

A single dairy cow can provide a widow and her children with a 400% increase in their family income. This program will enable our widows to substantially increase their families' standard of living. They will be able to afford better food, necessary health care, and needed home improvements. The dream of providing their children with an education can become a reality


Support A Widow/ Poor family
India has more widows than any country in the world. Strict codes of dress, demeanor and diet are imposed for the remainder of their lives, often with dire consequences. It's believed widows bring bad luck, causing them to live their lives in isolation and poverty. Your contribution can change the life of a widow or a poor family. You will help a widow to realize that she is a productive member of society, deserving dignity and respect.

Donate a goat
A set of goats can generate a simple income to run a family. When goats get multiplied, there is an increase of an income

Keep Kids Healthy
For most poor people, quality health care is inaccessible and unaffordable. Doctors are seen only in emergencies. Leevin is working to bring preventative health care to rural India through medical camps and educational programs. With your help, parents and their children can take advantage of preventative health care. Children will experience their first "well child" check-ups. A gift of $50 will cover the enrollment costs for a family of 5 for one year.