M ission Statement

Leevin's Mission
Leevin was born out of our concept that every person owes something back to the community. Not every one is blessed with equal opportunities. It is only in sharing we grow together. Giving back something to our own communities reflects fullness of growth.

Leevin's Vision
Leevin focuses in building a fair and just community where every one enjoys equal opportunities to grow and shine in life. Growing together strengthens the community in reaching out to each other.

To uphold the dignity of each and every person regardless of one's status in the way we care.

We care about:

  • We care about our patients and their families- delivering basic quality health care and outstanding service is fundamental to everything we do.
  • Team work – we put all our effort to work as a team & focus on improving the health of our patients and meeting their needs with our service excellence.
  • Our community- Dedicating ourselves to finding ways to improve the basic health & educational values in India