Leevin Community Health and Development Inc. is a 501(3)(c) tax-exempt and charitable organizatoin that was founded by Leenus and Vincent Thiag family in 2007 to make difference in the lives of the marginalised and the underprevileged communities at Anaiyeri and its surrounding villages of their home town in the Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu, South India. Leevin has been unofficially working with the local communities for more than twenty years in providing educational and clinical support to the underprevileged communities. Illiteracy, poverty and caste discrimination have been constantly stumbling blocks in the growth and progress of our communities. Our people have become an easy target for exploitation and abuses at the hands of the rich and the landlord who were mostly the upper caste. Leevin has been closely working with communities who have been suffering abuses, exploitation and oppression for years due to poverty, illiteracy and caste. Women and children have been victims of this inequality and injustice. Leevin has taken the rights of the marginalised as a challenge and found ways to improve their living conditions through promoting basic health care, education and development.