H ealth Clinic

In India, there are only 2 physicians for every 50,000 people, far below the US rate of 2.7 physicians for every 1000 people. Leevin is committed to the belief that quality health care should be available to all people regardless of their economic status. However, for most people, quality health care is unaffordable and inaccessible. Their experience with healthcare providers is usually limited to emergency care. In order to make affordable, quality health care available to the rural villagers of the Villupuram District, Leevin operates a clinic with pharmacy and laboratory facilities. Its full-time staff includes a physician, one nurse and coordinator. Approximately 50 patients per month receive treatment through our clinic.

Leevin Clinic, 2007

Two years ago, we opened Leevin Clinic in a rural area in India called Anaiyeri, to serve, basic health care needs to 15-20 villages around that area. Our clinic treats almost two to three hundred patients each month since the start of the clinic.


Jan 2008, we conducted our first medical camp hosted by Susan Bendict, RN USA to help educate the villagers with first aid teaching and provided first aid kits to the people. In July 2008, we had a medical camp to provide full medical checkup we also sponsor 15 people for Cataract eye surgery, almost 500 people was benefited from the medical camp. The 2nd year, we sponsored diabetic medical camp with almost 400 people were benefited. We provided for their medical supplies & educational materials.