E ducation

All children have the right to a good education. Many children cannot even complete their primary education due to poverty. Dropouts are common among the poor children. Parents who work as bonded labors for the landlords take their children along with them. The illiteracy rate is quite high among women. Out of the 29 districts in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Villupuram District ranks 28th in literacy. The literacy rate for males is 64.68% and for women is 53.16%. Less than 20% of rural Indians can read and write more than their own names-even fewer can do simple arithmetic. Girls are twice a likely to be illiterate as boys. Leevin is dedicated to providing access to quality educational opportunities for children who other wise cannot afford. Education is the key to providing youth and adults with the knowledge and skills to earn a living, contribute to their family and community, and lead healthier and more productive lives.


We are helping twenty kids from 1st grade through 10th grade (2 students in every grade) and support them for their education. These are all the students that we supported…



  • Grade- Arokia Valan & Deva Abinaya
  • Grade- Sandesousa & Rama Moorthy
  • Grade- Kavitha Laxmi & Vinicia
  • Grade-Mary Jeyaseeli & Milton Lazer
  • Grade- Ruban Chirsty & Maheshwari
  • Grade- Shanmugan & Ashley
  • Grade- Manikandan & Revathi
  • Grade- Raja & Ranjitha
  • Grade- Vinoth Raj & Alamelu
  • Grade- Siva & Suganthi


  • Grade- Akash & Anto Sinson
  • Grade- Anto Bilgates & Deva Abinaya
  • Grade- Sam Desouza & Ramamurthy
  • Grade- Kavitha Laskshimi & Vinicia
  • Grade- Mary Jeyaseeli & Milton Lazer
  • Grade- Mageshwari & Aravindh
  • Grade- Ramu & Subrashari
  • Grade- Felix & Syledhemtha
  • Grade- Sebastin & Arokiya Merlin Sheela
  • Grade- Jeenath Mary & Johnvinoth Entertainment

In 2008, we sponsored a magician from Chennai to come to Anaiyeri to entertain the school kids.


The 10th graders who achieved the top 3 scores in the school receive a scholarship to encourage them for further studies. In 2009, R. Sugathi, Anaiyeri, India achieved the 1st place the 2nd place was P. Tamilarasi, Varikkal, India, and 3rd place M. Manovictor, Anaiyeri, India. In 2008, 1st place was Vijaya Kumar, Varikkal, India 2nd place was Vinayagamoorthy, Melarungunam, India, and 3rd place was Yamuna, Anaiyeri, India.