C ommunity development

~In 2008 we sponsored an unemployed family (Victoria Selvan) to build a small grocery store & sewing machine to benefit an income from the store to run a family.

~In July 2009 we donated a cow to Christinal Arokiaswami and helped her in their livelihood. We also helped Rayappan whos has three kids did not have electricity in his house. He requested with support from Fr. Edward Francis, who is the Parish Priest of Anaiyeri, that electrical wiring be done in his house and it was done for his family. He now has electricity in his home so his family is safe from the dangers of snakes.

~In October 2009 we opened a hair salon for Sekar, a handicapped, that lost his leg due to his diabetes. From the income of the salon, he is taking care of his 3 kids and his wife.

In 2008 we donated money to repaint the church in Anaiyeri village because it was damaged; we also donated benches in the church for the elders to sit on. We donated a generator for the church and school.