A bout Us

Leenus and Vincent Thiag had a long time dream of touching the lives of the less fortunate and under previleged in their communities back home in India. Both Leenus & Vincent came from Anaiyeri, a  tiny village with a population of 1500 families. Most of the families earn their livelhood by going for daily labour for less than two dollars per day. They are mostly farmers working with their little lands to cultivate rice and other grains. A few of them are working as bonded laborers for landlords for a minimum wage. Often the monsoon has failed and therefore the crops have also failed. As a result, some families have migerated to big towns and cities in search of food and jobs. It is this context that challenged both Leenus and Vincent to involve with their communities in helping them to improve their living conditions.

Leenus and Vincent have good jobs in the United States and have a wonderful family live currently at Cary, NC. Both of them have two girls who are equally interested in this outreach program. They realised their family dream in 2008 when they set up a clinic for the rural population of their village. Although they have been running the charitable and community care programs for more than ten years, it took a formal turn when the Internal Revenue Services in the United States confirmed their organization as a 501(3)(c) tax-exempt organization in 2009.

From the Desk of Leenus, the Founder of the Leevin

I was born in Anaiyeri Tamil Nadu, India. I was the 7th child in my family. My parents are my inspiration, and my mom always taught me to help others so that God will take care of me. My dad always helped school kids, church and the community more than his own family. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. My father is a retired principal & village chief. My mother is a house wife. My mom spent most of her time with farm workers. I used to help a lot of families since my school days. I am married to Vincent Thiag, and we have 2 children. I have a loving family. Cynthia is 15 years old and the eldest, and Olivia the youngest who is 10 years old. My husband and my kids are very supportive in every corner of my life. Without my husband and my kids I can’t do anything in my life. When I was little I used to get sick all the time. There were no hospitals or clinics close to my village so my parents sent me with other people to take me to the hospital to a town which is 3 miles away from my village by bicycle or by bus. A lot of people died by snake bites, diarrhea, vomiting, and heart attacks & by drowning in the water because there were no medical people to help them right away. Since I was little I wanted to open a small clinic to help and protect people of my village and also surrounding areas from such incidents. When I was 17 years old I taught adult education in my village, I took the grown ups to places like the sugar factory, movie theaters, and restaurants to expose them to see the real world. When I was in nursing school, one of my village girls was supposed to have an open heart surgery. Her family couldn’t afford it, so I went and talked to the chief surgeon in the cardiology department to help her with the surgery. When I first asked my husband if we could start a clinic, the first thing my husband said was “Well if you want to do it, you can do it with your hard earned money, but never ask any money from anybody! If you can’t do it by yourself then don’t do it!” So that’s what I have been doing for the last two years, and this is the third year we’re doing this with our own money. In this economy, it is very hard to continue doing what I’m doing right now. So I tried to convince my husband to understand how hard it is to support twenty school kids for education, clinic expenses, medication expenses, rent, electricity, water, salaries for doctor/nurses, etc. Finally my husband told me he wasn’t happy that we had to ask for help but he said to go ahead and do it as per wish and that he would support me in every way he possibly can. I didn’t want to close the clinic that I have always dreamt of.  I’m pretty sure with all your prayers, support, generosity and kindness we can make a difference!

Cynthia I am 15 years old. I recently graduated 9th grade. I can’t wait to go to 10th grade in high school. I have a 10 year old sister named Olivia Thiag. Since I was little my parents always talk about India, and the needy kids suffering without food, no place to live or not having any clothes. My grandparents came to take care of me when I was little. I used to throw away a lot of things like pencils, clothes, and toys. My grandparents would take them all and tell me how I could give those things to needy children. My parents have been helping them, it makes me think how blessed I am. Whenever I need something my parents buy it for me, I never think how hard they work to get me things. Every time I visit my relatives in India, my parents take me too many places and see people living in a very poor situation. Especially in rural places where there aren’t many health care facilities, and no clean water. I see people drinking from ponds, wells, and animals drink water from the same place. There aren’t good bathroom facilities so they go on the street. When I see all these things it makes me feel sad. When I grow up, I want to give them education about how to keep the environment clean, and how to live a healthy life. Two years ago, I went to India with my cousins, my parents had a medical camp, my cousins and I had a good time helping them. It was a great experience. If we go to India next time, I would like teach the children new things. A few years ago when there was a tsunami in India, my cousin and I raised about $300.00 dollars going door to door to earn money. We also collected clothes, toys, and blankets. My friends and school teachers were very generous to help. My mom used to work at Wheaten Franciscan Medical Health Center, in Racine, and her friends and co-workers also helped for this cause. I have learned how to sacrifices little things to make many kids life happy. I pray to continue to help children throughout the world.


Hello my name is Olivia Thiag. I am 10 years old. I am going to 5th grade. When I was little I used to throw away my food. My parents reminded me about the people in India that didn’t have any food. My parents always talk about the needy people in India. I have visited India 4 times since I was born. Most of the times I went, I was too young to remember anything. When I went to India last year I had a lot of fun! My parents took me to too many rural areas in India. I got to see different parts of my family. The experience was great! I also got to help people; I never thought how small things could make such a difference in someone else’s life. When I went to India, I saw many people without homes, food, and clothes. About two years ago, my parents started a clinic in India because there aren’t a lot of hospitals nearby the village where my parents were from. My parents had a medical camp, and I got to see lots of people and kids that needed medical attention. I spent a lot of time with kids of my age. I also visited the high school in the village and it did not even have one computer in the whole school. I felt very sad to see that and wanted to help in any way I can. Right now, I do share my clothes, books, & a little money to those who needed it in India. I’m planning on collecting school supplies and money and donate them to the school. When I grow up, I want to do more to help people and